NEtflix no Chill

At The Secret Little Agency we had a Netflix “Originals” team that worked on the account since day one. There was our chief creative officer, an accounts manager, a strategy person and a creative —ME! We were part of Netflix’s social/marketing team for Asia since their global expansion. We started with Netflix Asia and slowly brunched to more specific regions such as Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Philippines. It was hectic, time flew by, I learnt and had loads of fun.

Here are my top 10 recommendations:


1. The BIG Launch

This was our first thing we did for Netflix; we had to announce it coming to Asia. Between keeping the launch hush hush and preparing for this. *Yells into pillow* It was my first taste of #NetflixAsia


2. #ClubNetflix

First experiential thing we did a week after launch; gathering 12 of Asia’s top influencers in a hotel and giving them a taste of Netflix. Working alongside the programming team, I created props that would convert the hotel into various Netflix shows and also a care kit of Netflix’s hospitality.


3. Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are always part of a show for fans. One Easter, we decided to recreate popular shows out of eggs which I had made and animated. Omelette fans eggcited with their favourite shows eggs.


4. Litchfield Penitentiary Cafeteria

For the fourth season launch of the popular show Orange is the New Black. We created a prison themed cafeteria to bring the show experience to life. I lead transformation of the space.


5. Iron Fist

Like the Iron Fist, I sorted out m&m’s. He did it in a psychiatric hospital; mine was an hour long live on facebook.


6. Netflix Switch

Collaborated with the tech team to create a switch that would let you Netflix in peace.


7. #MyChefsTable

Promotion for Chef’s Table. We created a social media contest that won a Webby awards in 2017. This was also one of the many times that I filled the office up.


8. The Most Unfortunate Production

For the launch for The Most Unfortunate Events, we had The Most Unfortunate Production.


9. Where’s Pablo

When Instagram launched its zoom feature, we used this as the perfect opportunity for our fans to spot their favourite characters in Where’s Pablo competition.


10. #Petflix

It was my first time ever working with dogs, we wanted to recreate famous show scenes with them. I had to source outfits (hint: kid’s clothes) and create props, on shoot day it was puppers!